Aufschnitt Is Big In AnugaAufschnitt bei der Anuga

October 23, 2015 byvon Silvia Wald

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Weihnachten bei Aufschnitt

December 24, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald

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Hot Daily Christmas Deals from Aufschnitt!

December 01, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald

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Mini-Worlds for Weber Packaging

July 31, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald

Our eclectic team of designers and creators at Aufschnitt Berlin have had a special project under wraps for a little time now .... We are proud to finally show you the result of one of our most treasured projects, a special order from Weber Packaging, which turned into one of the most inspiring of our orders to date. The Seven "Mini Worlds" conceptualise Weber Packaging's seven categories for innovative food packaging. Click in for more info, and of course, more imagery!

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A.B. partnership with Otto Gourmet

June 13, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald

Aufschnitt Berlin had a special partnership with Otto Gourmet over the last month, we are happy to share some of the imagery from their inaugural Spring Grill, where our products were featured, sold and enjoyed! Click in for more imagery.

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Aufschnitt CoLAB: Kulau Cocos

May 16, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald
Coconut Cocos Kulau

Last month Aufschnitt Berlin was commissioned by the lovely team at Kulau to create for them a uniquely special set of cuddly coconuts. Click in to view the pics.

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Wurst & Bier... & Aufschnitt

March 31, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald
Wurst Bier Markthalle

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A New Synergy: TUSH & Aufschnitt Berlin

February 13, 2014 byvon Silvia Wald
blog post test view

TUSH Magazine have delightfully invited us to be a part of an absolutely beautiful photoshoot showcasing our Aufschnitt Berlin products. Tush's approach: elements of visual surprise, creative expertise – these days we can‘t get enough of that! AUFSCHNITT BERLIN LOVES IT! Click in to view the whole photoshoot!

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