Our eclectic team of designers and creators at Aufschnitt Berlin have had a special project under wraps for a little time now ....

We are proud to finally show you the result of one of our most treasured projects, a special order from Weber Packaging, which turned into one of the most inspiring of our orders to date.

The Seven "Mini Worlds" conceptualise Weber Packagings seven categories for innovative food packaging: Fish, Vegetables, Meats, Coffee, Cheese, Bread and Fast Food.

Through the design process seven details 'worlds' were materialised out of Aufschnitt Berlin's signature materials to represent iconic countries all across the globe where we cherish this produce from, where these food items are most specialised and most connected to culinary culture. 

The result was an extremely varied array of 'Miniature-Fantasy-Landscapes', including: The Swiss Mountains, Argentinian plains and waterfalls, An Icy Eskimo Village, New York's Skyscrapers, Island fruits of Indonesia, and the rolling fields of Germany.

Each world had amazing detail which maybe you can get a glimpse of by studying the images below...


Let's Start with The Swiss Mountain's, and a very large Cheese:



Details including: Forest Mountain range with Cloud, Winding Path, Swiss Cottages, Lake, Native flowers and grazing cattle.





The Canadian Inuit environment, featuring two large fish with 3- dimensional scales and Juicy lips (!)....


Details including: Ice-covered Huts, Inuit people fishing and large booming cartoon Icebergs.



The world of Take away containers? .... New York. Featuring the Guggenheim Museum, The beautiful 1920's architecture of the Chrysler building and if you look closely, a fat Empire State building, all tucked neatly inside a TV food Tray with floating, felt fork.



Detailed pic of the Chrysler Building in progress...



For the Bakery category, we focused on the rolling hills of the German countryside...




Details Include: Flying Sparrows, Fields of Canola, Wheat, A German Farmhouse, Windmill and Soft Wool River.



Now for somewhere tropical... Indonesia!



Featuring an Apple, Pear and Chilli, sandy rocky outcrops, embroidered reef and sea, fishing boats and wooden hut, green soft palms and a lotus inspired watermelon on top!


Where better to enjoy a Grilled Steak, than Argentina?



Argentina's landscape is so varied, we have a snippet of everything in there.... Cacti, Waterfall, Tin houses, Mountain ranges with chair lift, tiny cows grazing, and of course the big Argentinian grill.


Last but not least... Ethiopian Coffee.



Detail: Tiny Coffee Sacks and traditional Tea Ceremony Woven Mat.



If you are interested in commissioning us for of our landscape expertise... please simply email us at Aufschnitt.net, we will look forward to your enquiry!


To see Aufschnitt Berlin featured on Weber Packaging's website, click: here!